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Toilet Tips for Kids

Sitting on the adult toilet can be a big step for kids! There are lots of things about the toilet that can make it scary and unpleasant. Just the thought of falling in, and the big drop below, can be enough to put them off using it.

Here are some recommendations to encourage successful toileting:

1. A family toilet seat: is a great place to start, cheap and easy to implement/remove as required. There is a seat available for everyone in the family, and it’s easy to change between the different sizes. The smaller toilet seat makes kids feel more secure and is a good transition to the adult toilet.


2. Foot stool: Consider adding a foot stool to the mix, and we have the optimal positioning to promote successful toilet time, allowing gravity to assist the passing of stools. The squatting position relaxes the pelvic floor muscles and removes the kink in the rectum, creating a smooth straight passage.



3. Relax: We want to encourage a relaxed position and calm, positive experience of toileting. So encourage them to relax, take some breaths, and let the wees/poos go! There should be no need to overly push to get them out. This might mean the poos are not ready to come out yet, or a doctors visit is required to check for constipation.

If you are needing some further support in successful toileting – the therapists at Kids that Go may just be the answer you are looking for. Feel free to contact us on 07 3087 1904.

Nicole Nijskens (Occupational Therapist).

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