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Video Resource Pack: Discounted Multipack

$65.00 inc GST

  • Online access to 2 x 1hr videos by Rebecca Khan, Continence Therapist
  • Downloadable resource pack you can print at home
  • Reward stickers posted out after purchase
  • Download links available for 60 days

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Here is your opportunity to purchase 2 Video Resource Packs together at a discounted price.


Whether you’ve just starting to think about toilet training your toddler, or you’ve already tried and run into road blocks, this resource pack is designed for you! There is a lot of conflicting information about toilet training out there, but we wanted to put together a trustworthy resource to help train parents/guardians/nannies/childcare workers in this exciting (and daunting, gulp!) stage of independence for their children. Rebecca Khan is an experienced Continence Therapist and has helped many families overcome obstacles in toilet training.


Constipation and soiling often go hand in hand, and are surprisingly common (10-16% in children over 4, up to 50% in children with additional needs). At Kids That Go we talk about poo a lot! We’ve developed this resource pack to equip parents/caregivers with the information they need to help their child overcome this complex, toileting challenge. In this 75min video, Rebecca Khan our Director and Senior Occupational Therapist will address the key issues relating to constipation and soiling and offer practical strategies that will support you as you help your child.

Rebecca has extensive experience in her work as a Continence Therapist and continues to offer hope and solutions to many families. This resource pack will equip you with knowledge and confidence to address poo difficulties. The aim is to support you to prevent toileting anxiety and/or medical complications that perpetuate a cycle of withholding, constipation and associated behaviours.

The resource pack includes:


  • 2 medically aware, up-to-date online workshops (1 hour 15 mins) with an experienced Continence Therapist (and mum of 3 kids), Rebecca Khan
  • the pdf downloads of the presentation slides used in the videos
  • a pdf download of My Body Diary (can be reprinted for regular use)
  • a pdf download of Making Water Fun
  • a pdf download of the Sitting on the Toilet Poster


  • A fun and useful stash of stickers to use with My Body Diary

Any questions before you purchase, please contact us!


HOW TO DOWNLOAD: After going through the checkout process, you will receive an email with the link for access to the video (through Vimeo) and the digital download. The pdf file can be saved on a computer if desired. You will then receive the reward stickers in the mail to your nominated postal address in the checkout process.

DISCLAIMER:  This resource is intended for home use, not clinical use. If you are a clinician and are interested in using this resource, please contact us. The payment of this digital product gives you permission to use the resource in your home but cannot be shared to a different location. Please do not reproduce without direct consent from Kids That Go Therapies. This includes electronic or photocopied distribution. Please note that your download link will expire after 60 days. All digital orders are non-refundable, but please contact us if you have any issues with your digital product.

  • Learn how the bladder and bowel function from our experienced Continence Therapist
  • Get trustworthy information to troubleshoot at home
  • Gain knowledge and confidence to address toilet training and poo difficulties

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