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For kids with a history of soils, accidents, or other troubles, tracking their body output is important for maintaining their health (no one wants constipation to sabotage their toileting skills) and instilling the message that it is up to them to look after their body. Or course, it’s a fabulous communication tool to take to appointments with doctors, therapists or nurses as well. They can see:
– how to advise on medication based on actual output (not guesses)
– how your child is progressing over time. Sure, they might have had a bad week or two, but look back over a few weeks and the general trend may be a very different story.

HOW TO DOWNLOAD: After going through the checkout process, you will receive an email with the link for the digital download. The file can be saved on a computer if desired. We recommend printing your downloads on a high quality printer to maximise the resolution and full colour.

DISCLAIMER:  The payment of this digital product gives you permission to use the resource without limit at your main location (can be shared within a clinic) but cannot be shared to a different location. Please do not reproduce without direct consent from Kids That Go Therapies. This includes electronic or photocopied distribution. Please note that your download link will expire after 30 days (you need to access the download link within 30 days, then it will remain on your own device). All digital orders are non-refundable, but please contact us if you have any issues with your digital product.

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