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Clinical Resources

Key clinical forms and resources to support clinicians in evidence & experience-based practice. 


We are proud of the clinical forms and resources that we have developed over the years in our clinic which are now available for download in our ONLINE SHOP. Here are some examples:



 How to Sit on the Toilet Poster  A handy sitting posture reference guide for the back of the client’s toilet door








Continence & Toileting Skills Assessment Form   A form to assist in assessing toileting ability, understanding the toileting environment and current routine and then building a plan to move forward with.




Frequency Volume Chart This chart is designed to help record the frequency and volume of liquids (intake and output) over 3 days.







Visit OUR STORE  for more resources, including assessment forms and videos created by out OTs. Check out the ‘For Clinicians’ section for targeted resources!


We’ve also collated a few of our favourite websites:

Continence Foundation of Australia

International Children’s Continence Society

ERIC The Children’s Bowel & Bladder Charity (UK)

Bowel Group for Kids

Check out our online shop! We've got lots of helpful resources for parents and clinicians!


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How we can help:


We are toileting therapists, caring for kids with poo or wee issues, day or night, through tailored evidence-based programs.





Child Development

Self care, sensory processing, school readiness, fine motor, handwriting, anxiety and behaviour. Growing up is a busy thing!




Kids That Go offer a wide range of assessments that will assist you and your child identify problem areas and to then move forward towards skill development.




Kids with Chronic Illness

Growing up can take tricky, unexpected turns. With personal experience and compassion, we are here to help both kids and families grow through these challenges.


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Helping families boost independence and wellbeing through knowledge, nurture and play.