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Clinical Education

Good information can be hard to find. Keep your staff and clients up to date with Kids That Go’s practical Parent Workshops or whole day Professional Development Workshops for clinicians.

Parent and education staff seminars are generally 1.5 hours, and can be tailored to meet your group’s size, questions or special requirements. Check out our existing events for parents, see below for upcoming Clinician Training Events, or contact us with your request.

Because we have taken a special interest in helping kids build self-care skills, we are often asked to speak to parent groups and education staff on:

  • managing continence in children
  • implementing practical management plans in schools
  • sleep issues
  • feeding and mealtimes
  • self-care through puberty and the teen years

For clinicians, we offer a whole-day workshop which covers Constipation & Soiling, Urinary Incontinence & Bed-wetting. Contact us with your professional development enquiry.



(subject to change based on your specific requirements and travel distance):

Presentation of existing 1.5 hour workshop = $400

Preparation of new material: please contact us for a quote

Participant notes can be arranged for the cost of printing (quote can be provided once approximate participant numbers given)

Whole day workshop = contact us

Not-for-profit discounts may be available at the Director’s discretion.



‘Learning to Conquer the Wees and Poos’ with Rebecca Khan (Zi Mei Events)

Dates: May/June (see details here)

Location: 3 online sessions for ‘The Basics’ PLUS an optional 3 sessions for ‘Beyond the Basics’

Introductory Workshop – The Basics: this workshop will provide participants with an overview of the clinical management of urinary incontinence, bedwetting and chronic constipation/soiling (encopresis) in children aged 3 – 15 years. Including:

  • an overview of toileting milestones and some hints/tricks for addressing issues with establishing initial continence in young children
  • an overview of the aetiology of chronic constipation/ soiling, urinary incontinence and enuresis (bedwetting)
  • assessment and intervention knowledge and tools using a medically-informed behavioural management approach

Advanced Workshop–Beyond the Basic: the advanced module of this workshop will provide participants with the ability to identify, discuss and apply continence strategies for complex cases, including children with developmental and physical diagnoses, and those who fail first-line treatment. This day of the workshop will cover:

  • application of knowledge and strategies covered “the basics workshop” with more complex cases (eg developmental disabilities)
  • the impact of anxiety and other socio-emotional aspects on participating in toileting routines across a variety of cohorts

Participants for the Advanced workshop will need to have attended a Learning to Conquer the Wees & Poos (basics) workshop prior to registering for this advanced module. More information here.

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‘Conquering a CODE BROWN’ with Rebecca Khan (Zi Mei Events)

Date: Thursday 21 June 2022, 1:30pm – 4:00pm (Brisbane time)

Location: online

Faecal smearing (“Code Brown”), also called scatolia in medical literature, is common in children with significant developmental delays (eg Autism, ADHD, intellectual disability), trauma (eg abuse, PTSD) or mental health concerns (eg anxiety, OCD). It also occurs in normally developing (“neurotypical”) children. For parents who have children who engage in scatolia, it is stressful, exhausting, socially isolating and downright gross.

Workshop Objectives – this module will provide participants with:

  • an understanding of the medical, sensory and behavioural presentations/reasons for smearing
  • approaches and intervention strategies that can be used to discourage the behaviour
  • ways to supporting families, while customising a plan to resolve the issues

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‘Developing Toileting Skills and Managing Incontinence’ with Rebecca Khan

Date: 4 – 5 August, 2022

Location: Paddington, Brisbane (in-person event)

Rebecca Khan will be presenting two days of practical and informative Professional Development training for clinicians who want to understand how to effectively help kids overcome toileting difficulty.

DAY 1: Toilet Training, Set Up & Routines, Bladder & Bowel Assessment & Strategies

DAY 2: Children with Additional Needs: Toileting Skills Assessment, Planning & Intervention

More information here.

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