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Clinical Education

Good information can be hard to find. Keep your staff and clients up to date with Kids That Go’s practical Parent Workshops or whole day Professional Development Workshops for clinicians.

Parent and education staff seminars are generally 1.5 hours, and can be tailored to meet your group’s size, questions or special requirements. Check out our existing  parent workshop topics, or contact us with your request.

Because we are continence specialists, we are often asked to speak to parent groups and education staff on managing continence in children, and implementing practical management plans in schools.

For clinicians, we offer a whole-day workshop which covers Constipation & Soiling, Urinary Incontinence & Bed-wetting. Contact us with your professional development enquiry.



(subject to change based on your specific requirements and travel distance):

Presentation of existing 1.5 hour workshop = $400

Preparation of new material: please contact us for a quote

Participant notes can be arranged for the cost of printing (quote can be provided once approximate participant numbers given)

Whole day workshop = contact us

Not-for-profit discounts may be available at the Director’s discretion.

Looking for support as you negotiate each day with your little person?

Why not check out our Parent Workshops for current information and discussion with experienced clinicians.


Struggling with your child’s toileting issues? There’s hope!







We’re here to help. You do not need a Doctor's referral to see us.



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How we can help:


We are the toileting specialists, caring for kids with poo or wee issues, day or night, through tailored evidence-based programs.




Child Development

Self care, sensory processing, school readiness, fine motor, handwriting, anxiety and behaviour. Growing up is a busy thing!



Kids with Disabilities

The pathway to growing up takes it's own track sometimes. We are here to help with tailored, experienced care, advocacy and skill development.



Kids with Chronic Illness

Growing up can take tricky, unexpected turns. With personal experience and compassion, we are here to help both kids and families grow through these challenges.


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Helping families boost independence and wellbeing through knowledge, nurture and play.